PERCENTAGE OF CONSTRUCTION—This contract includes direct supervision of the building project and is usually a percentage of the estimated construction cost. This is generally the most expensive proposal, but also the one that provides the greater degree of involvement by our firm. Aside from the customary phases of building, the initial payment or retainer, the end of the sketch/design phase, completion of preliminary plans and the completion of the construction drawings, our office is included in the letting of bids, the letting of the construction contract, supervision of construction and the regulation of change orders through the construction project when we receive additional payment through the course of construction.

SET FEE—This contract would be a set fee established after the initial meeting, our inspection of the site, and how much you need us to be involved in the project. This is the most popular proposal that is offered, due to the fact that it can contain some limited supervision through construction as well as some aid in the letting of bids. All other phases, the initial payment or retainer, the end of sketch /design phase, completion of the construction drawings are included. This fee is generally more negotiable due to the fact we can more tailor our services to the clients’ needs and we, as well as our client, know better what is expected of each other before work begins.

BY THE HOUR—This contract is the least economical due to the fact that the design/sketch phase can sometimes languish on for an inestimable amount of time. However, economy can be achieved through this type of fee when the clients are motivated to complete much of the legwork on their own. Please contact our office for current hourly rates.