Recek Architects is a service oriented Architectural firm with years of experience in both the construction and design phases of developing projects unique to every client’s individual needs and desires.  Recek Architects provides a collaborative atmosphere with their clients to aid them in the design of their projects.  If you have been researching hiring an architect, you understand that we provide more than just drawings from which to build.  We are professionals, trained to listen and respond to your unique desires and project parameters.

The typical scenario for our involvement in a project begins with a phone call, generally the result of a referral from a previous client or contractor.  During the initial phone contact with our potential clients, we prefer to set up an informal meeting, at a convenient time, to sit with us and further discuss their requisites as they pertain to their projects.  There is no charge associated with the first visit; we understand that many of the decisions associated with selecting an Architect hinge on the chemistry between the client and the people they will ultimately choose to assist them in designing their future project.  At this time, we gather some basic information concerning the clients’ desires and needs, regarding the scope of the project, estimated size, location, and the approximate time the client has allotted for the design process. At this time, it is important that the client also provide a survey of the building site, with the existing topography and tree locations, to allow us an opportunity to discuss the merits and apparent drawbacks of the site as it is displayed on paper.  Finally, we like to discuss the budget potential clients have earmarked for the project to determine the feasibility of accomplishing what they have represented to us as their ultimate goal.

Invariably the client requests, in turn, an idea of our fees with regard to their project, and our office composes a proposal for our services. All our services & contracts are tailored to every client’s individual needs; it requires our taking time to develop a proposal specific to the needs of each project. Most proposals are a blend of the traditional methods of providing Architectural services for the purpose of designing and taking a project through its full time frame.  We offer several types of options with regards to fees and contracts.

We stress throughout the design and development process, that the time taken during the design and layout phases is critical for a smooth project evolution from design, to permit, to construction. During this phase, time is spent with our client in several collaborative conferences to arrive at the individual desires that ultimately drive the design of each unique project.

We retain the copyrights on our drawings, which means a client may solicit bids from several different contractors for construction costs. In essence, the client receives a license to use our drawings for their project.  In addition, we also enjoy working as a team with contractors, interior & landscape professionals from the outset to provide a cohesive thought process on a project as it transforms from idea to reality.